Imperfective presumptive

The imperfective presumptive is formed by adding to the verb stem the suffix -AR (verb stems ending in a consonant), or -R (verb stems ending in a vowel), plus the modal particule -DIR, plus the pronominal type of personal suffixes.

With the verb kelmoq, "to come", ending in a consonant:

kelardirmanI might be coming
kelardirsanYou might be coming
kelardirHe/she/it might be coming
kelardirmizWe might be coming
kelardirsizYou might be coming
kelardirlar / kelardirThey might be coming

With the verb ishlamoq, 'to work', ending in a vowel:

ishlardirmanI might be working
ishlardirsanYou might be working
ishlardirHe/she/it might be working
ishlardirmizWe will might be working
ishlardirsizYou will might be working
ishlardirlar / ishlardirThey might be working

The negative is formed by adding to the verb stem the suffix -MAS plus the personal suffix.

kelmasmanI might be not coming
kelmassanYou might be not coming
kelmasHe/she/it might be not coming
kelmasmizWe will might be not coming
kelmassizYou will might be not coming
kelmaslar / kelmasThey might be not coming