Construction -A BER-, -AVER-

The construction "verb-A BER-", i.e. the present gerund followed by the auxiliary verb ber- (root meaning: 'to give'), expresses the continuation of an activity, with the nuance of a natural course of action.
The spoken form is reduced to "verb-AVER-", with the same range of meanings.

U menga qaramasdan keta berdi.
He continued walking away without looking at me.

Biz kechgacha ishlay beramiz.
We continued working till the night.

Ular bu darslikni o'qiy beradilar.
They continued learning the lesson.

Bu yerda o'tiravering!
Remain seated here!

- It may imply that the action is performed notwithstanding possible obstacles, i.e. it is going on whatever may happen.

Puflay berdi.
The wind kept on blowing.

Otasi kelganida, aroq ichaverdi.
When his father had come, he kept on drinking vodka.

- Sometimes there is also a meaning of repetition or typicalness.

Men har yili mevali daraxtlar ekaveraman.
I keep on sowing trees every year.