Construction -A BOSHLA-

The construction "verb-A BOSHLA-", i.e. the present gerund followed by the auxiliary verb boshla- (root meaning: 'to begin'), is the most common way to express the beginning of an action (ingressive), whether it involves change or not (telicity).

Biz yoza boshladik.
We started to write.

Shabada esa boshladi.
The wind started to blow.

Qariy boshlaydi.
He is beginning to get older.

Bog'dagi mevalar pisha boshladi.
The fruits in the orchard have started to ripen.

- With the negative gerund, the construction expresses the cessation of the action (cessative).

U gapirmay boshladi.
He stopped talking.

- Sometimes the construction "verb-IB OL-", whose basic meaning is that of self-orientation, the subject performing the action for himself, implies also that the action is at its initial stage.

So'zlashib oldik.
We started a conversation.