Desire, construction -GI KEL-

One of the construction for desire, "verb-GISI KEL-", is formed with the verb suffixed by -GI plus the possessive form of the personal suffix, followed by the verb kel- (root meaning: 'to come'), conjugated at an impersonal form (third person singular, no marking).

With the verb yozmoq, 'to write', in the definite past:

yozgim keldiI want to write
yozging keldiYou want to write
yozgisi keldiHe/she/it wants to write
yozgimiz keldiWe want to write
yozgingiz keldiYou want to write
yozgilari / yozgisi keldiThey want to write

The negative is formed by adding the negative suffix -MA to the auxiliary verb kel-.

yozgim kelmadiI don't want to write
yozging kelmadiYou don't want to write
yozgisi kelmadiHe/she/it doesn't want to write
yozgimiz kelmadiWe don't want to write
yozgingiz kelmadiYou don't want to write
yozgilari / yozgisi kelmadiThey don't want to write