Construction -IB CHIQ-

The construction "verb-IB CHIQ-", i.e. the past gerund followed by the auxiliary verb chiq- (root meaning: 'to go out', 'to climb'), expresses the completion of an action in its full extent, from the beginning to the end, and with a lasting aspect (perfect).

Bu kitobni butunlay o'qib chiqdi.
She has read the whole book.

Bosmaxonadan kelgan korrekturani ko'rib chiqdim.
I looked through the proofs from the printers.

Men hozir qo'shnimiznikidan choy ichib chiqdim.
I have already had tea at our neighbours'.

Tun bo'yi yig'lab chiqdi.
He cried all night.

- It may have also a perfect value ('to turn out'), more directly connected to the basic meaning of chiq-.

Bu odamni turk deb yurar edim, arab bo'lib chiqdi.
I assumed he was a Turk, but he turned out to be an Arab.