Construction -IB KEL-

In addition to its basic directive meaning ('to come doing something'), the construction "verb-IB KEL-", i.e. the past gerund followed by the auxiliary verb kel- (root meaning: 'to come'), expresses the continuation of an action for at least up to a certain point of time centered around the speaker.

Bu idorada bir necha yildan buyon ishlab kelyapman.
I have been working in this office for several years.

Kosadagi sutni hozirgacha ichib keldim.
I have already drunk up the milk in the cup.

U ikki yildan buyon a'lochi bo'lib o'qib keldi.
For two years he studied as an outstanding student.

- The meaning may be more elusive, reduced to a continuing action centered around the direction of the speaker.

Onamni ko'rib keldim.
I saw my mother on the way.

Osmon qizarib kelyapti.
The sky is beginning to turn red.