Possibility, construction -SA BO'L-

The construction for normative possibility or permission, "verb-SA BO'L-", is formed by adding to the verb stem the conditional suffix -SA, plus the possessive type of personal suffixes, followed by the verb bo'l-, 'to be, become', at an impersonal form (third person singular, no marking), verb which can in turn be conjugated like any verb for tense/aspect meanings.

With the verb kelmoq, 'to come', and in the present-future:

kelsam bo'ladiI may come
kelsang bo'ladiYou may come
kelsa bo'ladiHe/she/it may come
kelsak bo'ladiWe may come
kelsangiz bo'ladiYou may come
kelsalar / kelsa bo'ladiThey may come

The negative is formed by adding to the stem bo'l- the suffix -MA.

kelsam bo'lmaydiI may not come
kelsang bo'lmaydiYou may not come
kelsa bo'lmaydiHe/she/it may not come
kelsak bo'lmaydiWe may not come
kelsangiz bo'lmaydiYou may not come
kelsalar / kelsa bo'lmaydiThey may not come