Wish, construction -SA EKAN

One of the constructions for wish, "verb-SA EKAN", is formed by adding to the verb stem the conditional suffix -SA, plus the possessive type of personal suffixes, followed by the inferential auxiliary ekan, at an impersonal form (third person singular, no marking).

With the verb kelmoq, 'to come':

kelsam ekanI wish to come
kelsang ekanYou wish to come
kelsa ekanHe/she/it wishes to come
kelsak ekanWe wish to come
kelsangiz ekanYou wish to come
kelsalar / kelsa ekanThey wish to come

The negative is formed by adding to the verb the suffix -MA, plus the suffix -SA, the personal suffix and ekan.

kelmasam ekanI wish not to come
kelmasang ekanYou wish not to come
kelmasa ekanHe/she/it wishes not to come
kelmasak ekanWe wish not to come
kelmasangiz ekanYou wish not to come
kelmasalar / kelmasa ekanThey wish not to come