Belief verbs

In addition to the assumptive forms with the conditional plus KERAK, there are constructions headed by the verbs o'yla- ('to think') or hisobla- ('to count') used to express assumptions in a more subjective way ('I think that'), as a belief.
The constructions are formed by a finite sentence stating the content of the assumption, followed by DEB, the past gerund of verb de- ('to say') and then by the verb o'yla- (or hisobla-) which can be in turn conjugated at any tense.
Remark: the construction with the verb o'yla- expresses also hope for the achievement of an action (cf. performative modality).

Men uni qiloladi deb o'ylamayman.
I don't think he could do it.

Albatta siz meni hech qachon rozi bo'lmaydi deb o'ylayapsiz!.
You can think that I would have never accepted.

Biz bu masalalarni hal qildik deb hisoblaymiz.
We think that we have overcome all these problems.

See also:

Men o'ylamanki, u qiloladi.
I think he can do it.