Certainty adverbials

The declarative form implies from the speaker a fair amount of certainty about the proposition he makes. But it is possible still to insist more on the certainty of the fact, using adverbials like aniq ('clearly') or shubhasiz ('without any doubt').

aniq and shubhasiz can be used as simple adverbials:

Man aniq bilaman.
I know for sure.

Shubhasiz, biz yengamiz.
Without any doubt, we will win.

aniq and shubhasiz can also be used as a nominal predicate, the expression of the fact assessed being taken in charge by a deverbative nominal, be it an infinitive in -ISH + pronominal personal suffix, for an imperfective (present or future), or an infinitive derived from a participle in -GAN + pronominal personal suffix, especially for a perfective (past).

Ertalab yetib kelishi aniq.
He will certainly come in the morning.

Kelganligi aniq.
He has certainly come.

● At the first person, and when the speaker is in position to act on the outcome of the action expressed, a certainty adverbial expresses a commitment from the speaker on the realization of the proposition, and is akin to a deontic modality.

Mening kelishim aniq.
I will definitely come.

Yutishimiz shubhasiz.
We will win, beyond doubt.