Reported stative

The reported stative is formed by adding to the nominal or adjectival phrase the reportative copula emish, plus the pronominal type of personal suffixes.

With the adjective kasal, '(to be) sick':

kasal emishmanApparently I am sick
kasal emishsanApparently you are sick
kasal emishApparently he/she is sick
kasal emishmizApparently we are sick
kasal emishsizApparently you are sick
kasal emishlar / emishApparently they are sick

In spoken Uzbek, an abbreviated form is used, where the first vowel e- of emish is dropped, the suffix being reduced to -MISH and written together with the nominal or adjectival phrase.

kasalmishmanApparently I am sick
kasalmishsanApparently you are sick
kasalmishApparently he/she is sick
kasalmishmizApparently we are sick
kasalmishsizApparently you are sick
kasalmishlar / mishApparently they are sick

The negative is formed by adding to the nominal or adjectival phrase the negative copula emas, followed by the reportative copula emish plus the personal suffix.

kasal emas emishmanApparently I am not sick
kasal emas emishsanApparently you are not sick
kasal emas emishApparently he/she is not sick
kasal emas emishmizApparently we are not sick
kasal emas emishsizApparently you are not sick
kasal emas emishlar / emishApparently they are not sick