Focal inferential

Focal inferential is used for states, events or actions taking place at the same time it is being reported or also in a past period of reference, and expresses that the knowledge of the fact is inferred from evidence, be it sensorial perception, logical deduction or direct report from a trusted source. That knowledge is most often presented as new information, sometimes unexpected, for the speaker himself.
The temporal distinction between a past and a present state, event or action is not marked grammatically, the tense must be decided from the context.

● The state, event or action may have occurred in the past:

Uxlayotgan ekansan.
You were apparently sleeping (at that time).

● Or it may occur in the near future:

Ta'tilda Turkiyaga ketayotgan ekansiz?
Ha, ketyapman.

It looks like you will be going to Turkey on holidays, isn't it?
Yes, we will be going there.