Focal past

in Uzbek: o'tgan zamon davom fe'li
also called: continuous past

Focal past expresses a state, event or action which was taking place during a past period of reference previously set in the discourse. It corresponds to the English past progressive.
The duration of the event is short enough to be felt as contained during that reference period of time.
A less used tense with similar meanings is progressive past.

● Progressive past, in a continuous mode:

Karim kirganda, men xat yozayotgan edim.
When Karim entered, I was writing a letter.

Gapirayotgan edimmmi?
Was I talking?(at that moment)

● Sometimes, the same event or action in the same context might be construed alternatively as happening specifically inside the scope of focal temporal reference (focal past) or inside a broader period of time (imperfect):

So'ng kichik korxonada ishlar edim / ishlayotgandim.
After, I used to work in a small company.