in Uzbek: o'tgan zamon davom fe'li
also called: past continuous tense

The imperfect expresses states, events or actions occurring habitually or repetitively for some time in the past ('used to').
Events or actions are then envisaged within their limits, i.e. after their beginning and before their end.

● Habitual imperfect, in a continuous mode:

Men biznes bilan shug'ullanar edim.
I used to be engaged in business.

Markaz qishloqlarda kichik korxonalar qurishni hech o'ylamas edi.
The Centre was not paying any attention to the small businesses.

Biz musiqaga qiziqar edik.
We were interested in music.

Bilmas edilar.
They did not know.

● Repetitive imperfect, in a discontinuous mode:

U biznikiga har hafta kelar edi.
She came to our house every week.

Ular bir partada o'tirishar, birga dars tayyorlashar edi.
They used to sit at the same table, and to prepare together their lessons.