Performative decision (1st person)

The speaker can make known a decision he made, or simply express it for himself, and thus perform that decision.

● The verbal construction "-GANIM BO'LSIN" i.e. the nominal deverbative made out of the past participle plus the possessive personal suffix at the first person followed by the verb bo'l- ('to be', 'to become') at the optative/jussive/permissive form of the 3rd person expresses a firm decision on the part of the speaker (literally: 'let my action come true').

Borganim bo'lsin.
Now I am going.

Qilmaganim bo'lsin.
I will never do that.

● The definite past is often used at the 1st person to make known a decision which has been just made, (so with a perfect meaning) and whose effect is now relevant for near future action.
That action can thus be considered itself as virtually done.

We are going now.

Qani, ketdik, yigitlar.
Come on, we are now leaving, guys.