Present-future assumptive

also called: future tense of probability, potential or necessitive mode.

Present-future assumptive expresses that the state, event or action will likely occur or is likely occurring, the knowledge of it being grounded on previous knowledge or on deduction.

● Most of the time, the assumption is made on a future fact:

Havo bulutli. Yomg'ir yog'sa kerak.
The weather is overcast. It may rain soon.

Yeyishni istamasam kerak.
I may not want to eat.

Uylanmasam kerak.
I will probably not marry.

● The assumption can also be made on a present fact:

U kishi o'zbek bo'lsa kerak.
This man must be Uzbek.

● To emphasize that the action will probably occur, either balki or ehtimol, ('perhaps', 'probably'), may be used in addition to the assumptive form.

Ehtimol, u ham kelsa kerak.
It is possible that he will come.