Present stative

Present stative is used for states of affairs expressed by nominal predicates (names, adjectives, bor, yo'q, kerak, etc.), which are currently taking place in the present, whether occurring continuously or habitually.

● The nominal predicate may be a noun phrase in the nominative, with an attributive value ('to be'):

Men talabaman.
I am a student.

● It may be also in the locative, ablative or dative/directive:

U idorada.
He is in the office.

● The nominal predicate may be an adjectival phrase, also with an attributive value ('to be'):

Siz juda chiroylisiz.
You are very beautiful.

● The construction in bor/yo'q ('to have'/'not to have') is also stative:

Avtomobilingiz bormi?
Have you got a car?

● As are some of the constructions used to express modality such as those based on the nominal predicates kerak ('to be necessary') or mumkin ('to be possible'):

Menga bir ruchka kerak.
I need a pen.