Wish is a kind of desire, but more directed to the outer world or other persons, and less geared towards one's internal need.

● The nominal construction "verb-SA EKAN", i.e. the conditional -SA suffixed by the possessive type of personal suffix and followed by the inferential predicate ekan, denotes the wish for an action to be performed.

Men ham u bilan borsam ekan.
I wish to go with her together.

Biz uy sotib olsak ekan.
We wish to buy a house.

Shanba kuni ishlamasak ekan.
We wish not to work on Saturday.

- It can also express a wish about a state to occur (optative):

Biz boy bo'lsak ekan.
If we were rich.

● The verbal construction "verb-ISHNI ORZU QIL-", i.e. the infinitive in the accusative, followed by the verbal compound orzu qil- (orzu, 'hope') has the same ranges of meanings.

Har bir o'zbek ayol ona bo'lishni orzu qiladi.
Every Uzbek woman dreams of becoming a mother.

Men Toshkentga borishni orzu qilaman.
I want to go to Tashkent.

- There is also a nominal form:

U mashinani orzu qiladi.
She dreams of a car.